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Whole leaf tea, flavor & health benefits

What is whole leaf tea?

Whole leaf teas are full, unbroken tea leaves, and have the most superior quality, taste & health benefits.

When tea leaves are left in their full, natural form, they do not dry out. Since the leaves do not dry out, they hold onto their pure flavor compounds and give the tea more flavor and aroma when brewed.

Whole (and rolled) leaf tea expands and unfurls as it is steeped. This produces more flavor and provides a certain freshness to the tea.

Whole leaf teas vs broken teas/fannings

The teas that come in teabags are usually the broken teas or fannings or sometimes even dust. These are of lower grade and taste bitter due to a higher amount of tannins that get released when these broken teas are steeped.

The whole, intact leaves have much lower surface areas due to which they infuse slowly, allowing for more subtlety & complexity of flavor that is often absent in the broken leaves.

Whole leaf teas offer the best experience when steeped multiple times. For people who drink tea all day long, multiple steeps also offer higher control on the amount on caffeine intake, as it decreases exponentially with every infusion.

The broken teas are good only for a one time steep.

Our recommendation : We definitely recommend to go for the flavorful whole leaf teas. At Teasta, we source only the best quality, specialty, whole leaf teas. These teas are from a single region and single estate, that enables you to experience the diversity of flavors and aromas in its purest form, just as the farmer & tea master intended it to be!

And we bring these super fine whole leaf teas in pyramid bags that, because of their bigger size allow the whole tea leaves to unfurl properly and release all the subtle & complex aromas that characterize that tea. Thus combining the goodness of whole leaf teas with the convenience of Pyramid tea bags.

Would you like to try our teas? We offer samples with every order so you can explore all the different varieties from the iconic estates of Darjeeling, Assam & Kashmir valley.

Just leave us a note on about the tea that you would like to try, and we'll make sure to send it with your order!

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