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At Teasta, we deliver pure, fresh, most delicious cup of tea from the rich heritage of India. 

  Bringing the ritual of authentic Indian Teas to your world   

Our Story:

Growing up in India, tea has been an intricate part of our life, culture and existence. For us, it's an opportunity to create beautiful moments of stillness, mindfulness, focus and to be one's own self. 'Chai' as we call it, has been the center of our family & community life, as well as the source of joy, wellbeing and energy for our body & soul. 

Teasta is an honest attempt to share that joy, wellbeing and great taste that is unique to the teas from the gardens of Darjeeling & Assam, with you and your world.












Chai Tradition of India 

Chai (Tea) is a centuries old tradition in India. It is the ubiquitous Indian drink, its consumption transcending all lines of class and status. It takes practice and patience to brew or even find the perfect cup, but when you do, there’s nothing else quite like it.


India is the second largest producer of tea in the world. Different tea-producing regions in India offer unique, distinct tastes and experiences that are unmatched. The Darjeeling teas are the world's finest black teas and are also known as the 'Champagne of teas'. They have an exquisite, delicate taste with floral or fruity flavor and a refreshing character.

The Assam teas are best known for their strong and malty flavor and a deep amber color. It embodies everything that is characteristic of a fine Indian black tea.

Spiced Chai
Image by Joanna Kosinska

Why Teasta :

At Teasta, we bring the most authentic, fresh and delicious cup of tea, from the world renowned tea gardens of Darjeeling & Assam, with the majestic himalayas looming in the backdrop. Our teas are hand picked and hand crafted with the most natural ingredients for a tasty and healthy cup. And authenticity and great taste does not always need to be hard on your pocket -by eliminating middlemen, we bring these luxurious teas at an honest price.














Ayurveda - pure herbs & spices 

Teasta combines the best quality teas with the most natural herbs and spices, using the centuries old tradition & knowledge of Ayurveda that helps attain health, wellness & vitality. Ayurvedic teas detox and purify your body. We use a variety of herbs and spices like the wonder spice of India, Turmeric (Curcuma), Ginger, Cardamom, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel, Ashwagandha.








Delivering freshness & taste to your doorstep :

Teasta teas are packed in environment friendly Kraft pouches that keep the teas fresh for a much longer time. 

We pack the goodness of whole leaf teas in pyramid teabags, that allow the leaves to unfurl properly while steeping to give you maximum taste and freshness. The pyramid tea bags we use are made of corn/wheat starch and are 100% bio-degradable.


Image by Tamanna Rumee
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